Preparing for the Future, Despite Current Pandemic

Cape Cod Tech (north side) shows completed green roof with a wave of maroon pre-vegetated mats integrated with the green.

While the Covid-19 crisis has forced millions of students worldwide to work from home, a team of dedicated essential workers brave cold temperatures and nearly gale force winds to install the StormCap™ green roof system that helps the the new Cape Cod Technical High School prepare for extreme weather and climate change.

Dedicated Workers, Carefully Carry On

Pandemic and unseasonable weather aside, dedicated workers carefully carry on to meet summer occupancy deadlines.

Above all, to ensure everyone’s safety the local fire department took the temperature of each construction crew member at the start of the day. Furthermore, workers wore face masks, maintained health and safety measures and kept a safe distance throughout the day to complete the green roof installation as scheduled and help make this building more resilient to climate change in the future. With the vegetated roof, the building will better manage large rain storms and reduce runoff into sewers and reduce stormwater pollution.


Video of green roof installation

In this video, Stormwater Capture Co’s Rodney Chaney, shows part of the green roof installation process under Covid-19 measures.

Tech Innovation for the Region’s Tech School

The Cape Cod Technical School will be at the forefront of technological education in the region. Furthermore, its lucky students will be able to look out their window to see a 25,000 square foot green roof for a lesson in innovation and sustainable design. The StormCap™ system is a 4″ profile includes drainage, filter, retention, media and plant base. It weighs only 23 lbs/sf saturated and retains up to 1.59 gal/sf of stormwater. This innovative lightweight systems handles a 2.54″ rainstorm. Hence, reducing localized flooding. Its superior components include Knauf Insulation’s Urbanscape® needled mineral hydro blanket made of virgin rock fibre. This mineral wool uses no binders giving it superior retention of 90% of water by volume.

StormCap™ Green Roof System Benefits

The StormCap™ green roof offers a basket of environmental benefits to the building, its occupants and the wider community. Not only does it protect the roofing membrane, it may double its lifespan. A green roof helps save energy by keeping the building cooler. Even more, it offers students a close-up lesson on green infrastructure and sustainable design.

Cape Cod Tech’s south side side is visible to students and staff.

Cape Cod Tech Green Roof Facts

Developer: Colliers International

General Contractor: Brait Builders Corporation

Architect: Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc

Landscape Architect: Warner Larson, Inc

Installer Team: Green Wood Industries was the roofer and a sister company The Waterproofing Company provided the installation team to complete the green roof phase.

Roof system: The StormCap Extensive Green Roof  System installed over a Saranfil 410 PVC which was vector mapped for leaks prior to the green roof install.

Green roof system is the StormCap™ 2.5+1 retention green roof.  This maximized the saturated weight of 23lbs and allowed for a nominal 4″ depth including drainage, filter, retention, media and plant base.  Vegetation will grow to an average 6-9″ depth.

Stormwater Capture Co supplies a range of systems from lightweight and biodiverse to detention green roofs.  Furthermore, sedum blankets and base layers are customizable to meet specific stormwater management goals and can easily be cut to fit any shape and design.​

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