Two installers laying down vegetated mat on rock mineral underlayers on highrise flat rooftop.

Everything you need in a green roof

And, nothing you don’t. 

The StormCap™  is a complete vegetated roofing system. Quality pre-grown mats, engineered growing medium and high performing base layers help achieve long lasting results.Three dimensional image of layers that create the StormCap green roof system

Premium Components:  Enhanced by Urbanscape urbanscape-logo-by-knaufinsulation

Engineered base layers include Urbanscape’s Needled Mineral Hydro Blanket. VFormaldehyde-free, this innovative virgin rock product uses no chemical binders.  The Needled Mineral Hydro Blanket offers an environmental alternative to the other mineral wools on the market and has a superior performance of 90% of water retention by volume.  As a result, it is ideal for vegetated roofs acting as a water reservoir and supporting plant health. Hence, it can supplement or in some cases replace heavy growing media. For these reasons it is an exceptional rooftop stormwater management tool throughout the lifespan of the vegetated roof.

StormCap™ Key Features:

  • Pre-grown, instant “green” with 85% foliar coverage upon installation
  • Stormwater retention 2.6″ (1.6 gal/ft2)
  • Saturated weight 28 lb/ft2
  • Most of StormCap™’s base layers come in rolls for ease of transport and installation

Fully CustomizableImage of biopocket sedum and custom planting options.

The  StormCap™   is a fully customizable system with biodiversity options such as the BioPocket™. There are two BioPocketTM styles: a combination of sedums and perennials or color-blocked sedums-only.  The former requires a deeper depth of growing medium.

A detail rendering of the biopocket inserted in the StormCap vegetated system to create greater biodiversity.

Detail rendering of the BioPocket integrated into the StormCap vegetated system to add biodiversity and greater visual and topographic interest.

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Industry leading in performance and engineering

With deep roots in vegetated roofing, Stormwater Capture Co is committed to delivering breakthrough products and services that help with stormwater management solutions.

Stormwater Capture Co offers a single source solution for a complete green roof system package.  We customize your system to local requirements and provide warranty and support.  We are a one-stop-shop supplying vegetated mats, high performing base layers, pavers and accessories.

Rodney Chaney

Rodney Chaney, Technical Sales Manager, Stormwater Capture Co

Sluiceway Interactive Exhibit

Join Rodney Chaney for the hands-on Green Roof Sluiceway on Monday February 11, 2019.  It will take place 12:30-1PM in the Exhibit Hall at the New Jersey Chapter ASLA Annual Meeting at Harrah’s Waterfront, Atlantic City. Be sure to also stop by and visit us at Booth #73.

The workshop will explain the role innovative green roof technology plays in retaining and detaining rainfall and how green roof systems attenuate stormwater and reduce the environmental footprint.

Several Ways Green Roofs Reduce Environmental Footprint

Vegetated roofing systems reduce the environmental footprint in many ways, simultaneously.

For instance:
• Water: The green roof helps detain and retain rainfall at its source and therefore control runoff.

• Energy saving: Through shading, insulation and evaporative cooling the green roof therefore helps reduce energy use.

• Climate: Green roof reduces flash floods and combined sewage overflow. It addition, it mitigates the urban heat island effect.

Stormwater is the main way pollution gets into the rivers and waterways

A good rainfall really cleans the city streets.  All the road salt, cigarette butts, animal feces, antifreeze, dust, automotive rubber and metal — all is swept up in the rain, into the storm sewers and therefore into our waterways.

The Exibitor Lab workshop will illustrate this with an interactive demonstration of the how green roof systems help retain and detain rainfall. Following this, Rodney will present a 7-10 minute technical Power Point describing the green roof system’s benefits, with a focus on its capability to attenuate and retain stormwater and mitigate urban heat island.

Sluiceway interactive exhibit will be presented at the New Jersey Chapter ASLA Annual Meeting Exhibitor Lab Monday February 11, 2019.

How Green Roofs Help

The Workshop will ask two volunteers to pour gallons of water onto two sloping platforms.  Platform One will mimic a typical roof and feature a waterproofing membrane. Trash and that would be found on city walk and road ways and end up in the sewer system. Platform two features the StormCap pre-vegetated system that collects rainfall and helps with stormwater management.  At the end of each platform a 7-10 gallon storage bin will collect the “rainfall” and trash.  The audience will witness the performance of the StormCap vegetated roofing system and learn why vegetative roofing technology plays a key role in stormwater management.

Image depicts a lightweight green roof that captures rainfall and cools the roof compared to the grey roof to the right.

Image to the left depicts green roof benefits of protecting and cooling a building and capturing stormwater at the source.

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Register here for the 2019 NJASLA Annual Meeting.  Please visit us and Rodney Chaney at Stormwater Capture Co Booth #73.

Stormwater Capture Co offers a single source solution for a complete green roof system package . We customize your system to local requirements and provide warranty and support.  We are a one-stop-shop supplying vegetated mats, high performing base layers, pavers and accessories.

Green infrastructure offers climate resilience in urban environments.

Green Roofs Mitigate Urban Heat Island Effect

Acacia Smith explains the Albedo Effect. And, how your roof can help fight climate change.

The majority of the roofs in the world are dark-coloured and as a result have a low albedo and absorp excessive amounts of heat.

The majority of the roofs in the world are dark-coloured and as a result have a low albedo and absorp excessive amounts of heat. The ‘albedo’ of a surface is its ability to reflect solar waves; dark surfaces reflect very little whereas light surfaces such as ice have a high albedo and reflective ability. When sunlight hits a white surface, it bounces back and passes through the atmosphere. But once it is absorbed through a dark surface, sun is transformed into heat, which when reflected back during the night cannot pass back through the atmosphere and so remains in circulation.

Urban Heat Island Effect

The low albedo of cities is a problem felt in many urban areas and contributes to the ‘urban heat island effect’ causing deadly heat waves in cities.

The most recognisable outcome of the low albedo of cities is a problem felt in many urban areas throughout the world; the ‘urban heat island effect’ (UHIE). As naturally climate regulating vegetation is removed in favour of infrastructure, cities become pockets of higher temperatures. The difference between heat absorbing urban areas and their surrounding hinterland can be up to 5° degrees. The layers of smog that smother many cities today and the carry on health effects that are increasingly prevalent, are a result of UHIE.


Green Roofs Cool the Atmosphere & The Building

Image depicts a lightweight green roof that captures rainfall and cools the roof compared to the grey roof to the right.

One way to increase the albedo of a roof is to plant vegetation. Rooftop gardens, and green roof systems such as the StormCap, create a buffer preventing heat from entering the building. They have a positive impact on temperature both within the building and outside as well as improving air quality. Green roofs may be one of the only ways possible to reduce UHIE and to adjust the urban fabric of our cities to cope with increasing temperatures and fight against climate change . By regulating temperature variability, green roofs also reduce energy consumption. They provide added insulation in the colder months and prevent excessive heat absorption in the summer.

Vegetated roof reduces the heat flux through the roof.

Vegetated or green roof systems reduce the heat flux through the roof.

Green roofs are gaining popularity rapidly. Several cities are beginning to encourage green roofs through legislature and tax incentives. New York is offering tax rebates to people wishing to install green roofs. Tokyo has a new policy that requires 20% of new government buildings and 10% of private buildings to have green roofs.


“It just doesn’t make sense to leave thatspace unused when we could transform our energy future and reduce urban heat island effects with all the options.” Laurel J. Standley, Ph.D.  ~  Scientist, Author


Acacia Smith wrote the above for the Sustainable Business Toolkit which offers strategies, tactics and tools to help small business grow and propser.  To learn more about what they do click here.


10 Jan 2019

“Growing UP in the City: A Book About Green Roofs” is an activity book developed by environmental educators with a mission to promote urban ecology education.

Make career day more interesting! Explain green roofs to kids with the help of the short animated video and the activity book Growing UP in the City.

“Growing UP in the City: A Book About Green Roofs” encourages young readers to join friendly bumble bees as they travel into the city to go on an adventure and learn all about green roofs.

As part of their outreach project botanists Kelly Ksiazek and Olyssa Starry created a fun and educational book that delves into green roof benefits and design.

The 24-page activity book includes word searches, games, plant identification, bug hunt and ‘design-your-own green roof’ project.  It also introduces how green roofs play a role in  reducing our environmental footprint, for instance mitigating the urban heat island effect and reducing stormwater pollution.

Beautifully illustrated, this environmental education resource is intended for children from 2nd to 5th grades, as well as for educators and parents to enjoy.

A hard copy is available for purchase at Amazon and a free digital copy is available at Greening Up the City site.

The book’s creators welcome your comments and can be reached at


Landscape Architecture for Kids: What is a Green Roof? Animated Video Short

Green roofs, such as the StormCap system, are a great way to help the environment and improve your community, says Giraffe a landscape architect to his friend the Little Yellow Bird.  This fun animated video was created by University of Nebraska/Lincoln College of Architecture and is aimed at elementary school students to learn and build their own green roofs.

Giraffe tells Bird what a landscape architect does and how green roofs work in cities “On a hot summer day where would you rather play on hot concrete or on cool grass? Paved surfaces trap heat and make cities hot on sunny days but green roofs help keep cities cool so people don’t run their air conditioners as much and that saves energy green roofs help save the world from climate change and that’s good for our community.”

Bird asks: “Can I learn to be a landscapte architect?” and concludes, “I’m gonna build the best green roof ever …”

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Stormwater Capture Co prides itself in being a hassle-free, one-stop-shop supplying vegetated systems that can be customized to local requirements, with warranty and maintenance support. We also offer ​access to a variety of analytical support service​s such as ​stormwater calculations specific to location ​and building/roof type. Read about our StormCap vegetated system with high water retention-to-weight ratio.