Engineering Vegetated Roofs to Optimize Stormwater Management


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Urban centers have high concentrations of impervious areas which pose a challenge in managing large volumes of stormwater. Heavy rain events or back-to-back storms cause problems like flooding, property damage, and combined overflow sewer discharge. Green infrastructure, such as vegetated roofs, can help mitigate these problems because they restore the hydrologic cycle in urbanized areas. Vegetated roof systems designed for maximum stormwater management decrease the volume of stormwater within the urban core and reliably delay travel time of stormwater to the treatment plant. These retention and detention strategies help alleviate the burden of heavy stormwater on our cities’ infrastructure.  See learning objectives below.



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1 LA/CES PDH Webinar Learning Objectives

1. The distinction between stormwater retention and detention
2. The importance of detention in urban centers
3. Existing roof top technologies
4. Using biomimicry to re-engineer vegetated roofing system
5. Collaboration: Landscape Architects, Architects, Civil Engineers



Sasha Aguilera, GRP, B.Arch, Design Ambassador & Rodney Chaney, BA, GRP, Technical Sales Manager

Sasha Aguilera - Green Roof Consultant

Rodney Chaney








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