Project Info

Designer: DRA Architects, Inc.

Landscape Architect: Warner Larson, Inc

Installer: The Waterproofing Company

Vegetated Roof at Cape Cod Tech Manages Stormwater and Teaches Sustainability

The highly visible 25,000 square foot green roof comprised of the innovative StormCap™ green roof system offers numerous benefits to the newly constructed Cape Cod Tech High School, as well as the local watershed.   It is fitting that the region’s leader in technological education is also a study in building sustainability and innovation.

North view of the Cape Cod Technical Regional High School green roof shows contrasting sections of Marroon and Standard pre-grown sedum mat mixes.

Newly Installed Vegetated Roof Thrives

One month after installation, the newly installed vegetated roof had acclimated beautifully to the location. The photo on the left was taken weeks after the April 2020 installation under strict Covid-19 safety procedures. (See video below.)

Aesthetically Pleasing and Distinct Design

Among its design features, is a highly aesthetic 25,000 square foot green roof that consists of contrasting sections of Marroon and Standard pre-grown sedum mat mixes. Various species of flowers and foliage change color and height with the seasons and require minimal fertilization and maintenance year round.



Green Roof Tackles 2.54″ Rainstorm

The StormCap™ 2.5+1 green roof system can handle a 2.54″ rainstorm. As a result, this helps reduce localized flooding and stormwater pollution. The lightweight system weighs only 23 lbs/sf saturated, and retains up to 1.59 gal/sf of stormwater. The 4″ profile includes drainage, filter, retention, media and a plant base delivered in pre-grown sedum mat.

Its components include Knauf Insulation’s Urbanscape® needled mineral hydro blanket that uses no binders and has a superior retention of 90% of water by volume.

In addition to the various environmental benefits including energy efficiency and mitigating heat island effect, the highly visible green roof helps further educate students on green infrastructure and climate resilience.


Start Your Design

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Urbanscape Detention logo by Knauf InsulationPurple-Roof PartnerThe image conveys this system is powered by the Purple-Roof concept.

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