13 Sep 2018

Stormwater Capture Co is proud to announce and welcome Rodney Chaney as the vegetated roofing company’s new Technical Sales Manager. Chaney is the company’s first point of contact for clients across the North Eastern and Mid-Atlantic US helping deliver full life cycle vegetated roofing solutions.

“We are very excited that Rodney has joined our team and convinced that he will add another layer of success to our efforts in delivering much needed stormwater solutions,“ said Richard Aronson, General Manager. “Rodney comes to us with a wealth of experience, knowledge and is respected throughout the industry for his honesty, integrity and accomplishments. He shares our vision, passion and above all, our commitment to satisfying our clients’ needs.”

Upon earning his Bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Chaney embarked on a career in the construction industry with a focus on sustainable building systems.

“Finding real world, economic, sustainable solutions with a dedicated team of owner’s, roofers, GCs, engineers, architects drives my interest,” said Chaney.  “I was drawn to the opportunity with Stormwater Capture Co. because of the team approach with other partners to research, design, and apply common sense solutions for increasing storm water concerns.”

During his successful 10 year career, Chaney has gained vast experience at several companies that serve the roofing and vegetated roofing industries.   Chaney has been involved in estimating and delivering full life cycle new construction, retrofit, and rehabilitation green roof solution on over a half million square feet of structures.

“I’ve seen the growing environmental impact made by our built environment. This has led me to focus on sustainable low impact development as a career where I work closely with contractors, engineering firms and owners to incorporate vegetated roofing systems to ensure project success. I look forward to continuing this tradition as I begin this new chapter,” Chaney said.

Chaney’s notable green roof projects include:

  • Montgomery County Multi-Agency Service Park
  • McCormick Spice Headquarters
  • MLK Memorial Library

Meet Rodney and the rest of the team at CitiesAlive 2018, September 24-28, 2018 Brooklyn, NY. Alternatively, you may contact Rodney at 855.786.7626 ext 6, rodney@stormwatercaptureco.com.

About Stormwater Capture Co

Whether it’s a leading edge award-winning design or best value-for-money, the Stormwater Capture Co™ team delivers breakthrough vegetated roofing systems that help achieve results. The “go-to-single-source-solution” for the complete system package.





22 Mar 2017

Launching advanced solutions:  Innovative rooftop technology for Designers, Landscape Architects, Engineers and Building Owners


NEW YORK, USA, March 21, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — In recent years, flooding has occurred more frequently affecting a broader range of communities than ever before. Dense urban development, aging sewer systems and increasingly extreme weather are some of the main causes – calling for increased on-site stormwater management. The Stormwater Capture Co™ crew is on top of it with rooftop solutions to reduce the impact of major rain events on your building, your city and neighboring watersheds.

With deep roots in vegetated roofing, the Stormwater Capture Co™ team delivers breakthrough products that will help achieve results. The goal is simple: To be the “go-to-single-source-solution” for the complete system package, to certify and train qualified installers and to demystify green roofing for owners and designers alike.

“Whether it’s a second level rooftop garden, a 10th floor amenity space, or a non-accessible rooftop on the 25th story, there is a vegetated roof solution for almost every building. Our team simplifies the task of choosing the right vegetated roof for your building,” said Richard Aronson, General Manager at Stormwater Capture Co. “With a wealth of experience in our field, our team provides specialized technical and design consulting, as well as a high level of customer support whether it’s for bid package preparation or on-going maintenance. We pride ourselves as being a one-stop shop where you get everything you need in a greenroof, and nothing you don’t.”
Capture Rainwater On Site: Start With Your Roof

One of the products offered is the StormCap™ system, a high performing, easy to install green roof enhanced by Urbanscape®’s needled mineral hydro blanket. Manufactured by Knauf Insulation, the hydro blanket offers superior water retention making it ideal for vegetated roofs, as it is lightweight, can supplement or, in some cases, replace heavy growing media and can act as a water reservoir and support plant health.

During a major rain event, the StormCap™ system will retain 2.6″ of rainfall or 1.6 gallons per square foot. StormCap™ is also easy to cut and fully customizable.

With premium base layers, the StormCap™ system contributes to 8 additional LEED points in the following credit categories:

• SS – Site Development Protect or Restore Habitat; Open Space; Rainwater Management; and, Heat Island Reduction
• EA – Optimize Energy Performance
• MR – Environmental Production Declarations
• EQ – Thermal Comfort; Acoustic Performance


Custom Feature: Biodiversity

A perfect addition to the StormCap™ vegetated roof is the BioPocket™, a custom feature that provides an island of biodiversity and enhanced aesthetics where you want it. Working like a butterfly or bee island, the BioPocket™ is used to create a berm, or knoll, on your green roof to provide habitat and food for pollinators. The BioPocket™ brings a burst of color, perennials or grasses and is placed on various depths of growing media, depending on the building load capacity and your design goals.

A perfect addition to the StormCap vegetated roof is the BioPocket™, a custom feature that provides an island of biodiversity and enhanced aesthetics where you want it.

Control runoff under patios, walkways and fire-free zones

Walkways can also be designed to help absorb rainwater using the innovative SpongePaver™ System which incorporates the needled mineral hydro blanket with a drainage mat under a traditional paver. This offers a unique solution to control stormwater runoff on the rooftop.

The SpongePaver™ System incorporates the needled mineral hydro blanket with a drainage mat under a traditional paver to help control runoff under rooftop patios, walkways and fire-free zones.

Stormwater Capture Co serves the Great Lakes region and the rest of the north eastern United States, helps meet your goals whether the roof is a leading edge award-winning design or best value-for-money. Come meet us at the North/East Roofing Contractor’s Association (NERCA) Annual Convention and Trade Show, March 28-31, 2017 in Atlantic City, N.J. where samples of the StormCap™ system and the BioPocket™, among other products, will be shown.

24 Jan 2017

Everything you need in a green roof: And, nothing you don’t. 

The StormCap™  is a complete vegetated roofing system using quality pre-grown mats, engineered growing medium and high performing base layers.

StormCap pre vegetated roof system

Superior Components:  Enhanced by  urbanscape-logo-by-knaufinsulation

The engineered base layers include Urbanscape’s needled mineral hydro blanket, made solely of virgin rock fiber. This mineral wool has no binders and therefore has superior retention of 90% of water by volume and withstands freeze/thaw cycles.

Most of StormCap’s base layers come in rolls that are easy to transport and install. It is a fully customizable system with biodiversity options using the BioPocket™.
BioPocket options









Industry leading in performance and engineering

With deep roots in innovative vegetated roofing solutions, Stormwater Capture Co is committed to delivering breakthrough products and services that will help achieve much needed stormwater solutions.