10 Jan 2019

“Growing UP in the City: A Book About Green Roofs” is an activity book developed by environmental educators with a mission to promote urban ecology education.

Make career day more interesting! Explain green roofs to kids with the help of the short animated video and the activity book Growing UP in the City.

“Growing UP in the City: A Book About Green Roofs” encourages young readers to join friendly bumble bees as they travel into the city to go on an adventure and learn all about green roofs.

As part of their outreach project botanists Kelly Ksiazek and Olyssa Starry created a fun and educational book that delves into green roof benefits and design.

The 24-page activity book includes word searches, games, plant identification, bug hunt and ‘design-your-own green roof’ project.  It also introduces how green roofs play a role in  reducing our environmental footprint, for instance mitigating the urban heat island effect and reducing stormwater pollution.

Beautifully illustrated, this environmental education resource is intended for children from 2nd to 5th grades, as well as for educators and parents to enjoy.

A hard copy is available for purchase at Amazon and a free digital copy is available at Greening Up the City site.

The book’s creators welcome your comments and can be reached at kellyksiazek@u.northwestern.edu.


Landscape Architecture for Kids: What is a Green Roof? Animated Video Short

Green roofs, such as the StormCap system, are a great way to help the environment and improve your community, says Giraffe a landscape architect to his friend the Little Yellow Bird.  This fun animated video was created by University of Nebraska/Lincoln College of Architecture and is aimed at elementary school students to learn and build their own green roofs.

Giraffe tells Bird what a landscape architect does and how green roofs work in cities “On a hot summer day where would you rather play on hot concrete or on cool grass? Paved surfaces trap heat and make cities hot on sunny days but green roofs help keep cities cool so people don’t run their air conditioners as much and that saves energy green roofs help save the world from climate change and that’s good for our community.”

Bird asks: “Can I learn to be a landscapte architect?” and concludes, “I’m gonna build the best green roof ever …”

Your Green Roof Specialist / Design Consultant / Maintenance Support

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