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Climate Change requires an ideological shift in how we think about infrastructure

Hunter French Illustration from Vice Magazine shows a broken sewer pipe craned

Illustration by Hunter French, Vice Magazine

How does our infrastructure interact with the environment? Our drain pipes, reservoirs, power lines, roads, sewage systems, and more are all designed based on past climate data. But with the climate crisis comes the uncomfortable realization that the past can’t predict what we’ll  get in the future.

Design and Build Adaptable, Flexible Infrastructure

Perhaps, it is necessary to consider more adaptable and flexible versions of infrastructure, such as green infrastructure, to meet our modern challenges.

Below is an interesting article that suggests thinking about the consequences right at the beginning of the design process. Engineers and city planners can work to help avoid the failures.

Read full article, Our Infrastructure is Being Built for a Climate that’s Already Gone, by Shayla Love.

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