26 May 2021


The Construction Specifier Magazine’s July 2021 issue features an article by Stormwater Capture Co’s green roof specialists Sasha Aguilera and Rodney Chaney. The article is called “Engineering Vegetated Roof Systems to Optimize Stormwater Management”.

Green Infrastructure

Green infrastructure has become a key tool to help manage rainwater where it falls. As a result,  it mitigates the effects of climate change and risks to urban flooding, watershed pollution and public health, overall.

Mimics Nature

Green infrastructure is source control that mimics the natural hydrological cycle.  Sasha and Rodney’s article looks at nature and examines how modern technology alleviates the burden of heavy stormwater in urban centers. They take a deep dive into green roof retention and detention. The article examines the evolution of detention in roof systems and why detention is a reliable, controlled release of stormwater.

Vegetated roof with detention increases ROI

New innovative detention technology helps manage back-to-back storms on the rooftop.  Moreover, innovations such as the StormCap™+Detention shown on right and video below provides engineers, architects, and building owners the option to design rooftop detention and achieve quantifiable and reliable stormwater management.  Ideally, detention green roofs are designed at the inception of a project. As a result, this would help downsize or eliminate traditional detention tools such as cisterns. However, if not designed from the start, a qualified engineer may compute rainfall detention calculations for the site and allow for a vegetated roof detention system substitution to achieve the required rooftop stormwater management. Most importantly, building owners can achieve ROI by saving valuable space, meet municipal requirements and lessen the potential and severity of urban flooding. 


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With proper planning any rooftop – whether industrial, commercial or residential – can be transformed into a useful, green space. Stormwater Capture Co is a one-stop-shop for green roof systems and technical support.  We supply a range of  systems from lightweight and biodiverse, to detention green roofs.  We have custom green roofs that meet specific stormwater management and biodiversity goals. Contact us to transform your roof. Email or call (855) 786-7626 for stormwater calculations specific to your project.

Urbanscape Detention logo by Knauf Insulation

The image conveys this system is powered by the Purple-Roof concept.

As a Purple-Roof partner, Stormwater Capture Co has access to the latest green roof stormwater test data and related innovative hydrologic modeling tool. Email or call (855) 786-7626 for stormwater calculations specific to your project.

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