StormCap Pre Vegetated Roof System layers shown in a 3 dimensional build up.

Typical lightweight, low maintenance StormCap™ system profile.

Design with Maintenance in Mind

Top Four Design Considerations


1. Safe Access

Easy access and safety considerations make for quicker maintenance.


2. Lightweight System

Lightweight systems such as StormCap™ achieve desired stormwater management goals and are easy to install and typically require lower maintenance. A thin-layered system with a dense vegetated mat over 2-4″ engineered growing medium tends to be less inviting for harmful weeds and therefore require less routine, manual weeding.


3. Plant Selection
Hardy and drought tolerant sedum plants grown outdoors are ideal. Sedum are more resistant to stress and extreme temperatures.  Sedum mats can be successfully installed in autumn or winter months. Maintenance personnel should be familiar with the green roof plants and the owner’s green roof aesthetic preference as some “weeds” might be tolerated in addition to the plant selection.

Irrigation bib hose next to mechanical units on green roof.

Irrigation bib on green roof.



4. Irrigation
Access to water, with adequate pressure, close by the rooftop is critical for supplemental irrigation in the establishment phase and during periods of drought.




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Urbanscape Detention logo by Knauf InsulationPurple-Roof PartnerThe image conveys this system is powered by the Purple-Roof concept.

As a Purple-Roof partner, Stormwater Capture Co has access to the latest green roof stormwater test data and related innovative hydrologic modeling tool.