Have a Clear Maintenance Plan

The change in seasons and arrival of Autumn requires building maintenance before winter falls. This includes landscapes around and on top of our buildings – green roofs.

The beautiful, living roofs that dot our urban landscape also require care. Some municipalities call for rooftop maintenance such as Washington, DC which requires rooftop inspections twice a year. Furthermore, many warranties are tied to performing maintenance and filing reports. Ultimately, maintenance keeps your green roof performing as it should.

Maintenance requirements can vary slightly with different designs and plant materials. Each assembly should have a clear maintenance plan.


Grasshopper on a dormant green roof

Fall Maintenance Checklist

  • Fall weeding
  • Clean up garbage and matted tree leaves
  • Drain inspection
  • Infill with plugs and mats, as needed
  • Temp or permanent irrigation line blowout (to avoid freezing)
  • Plot your spring game plan, make note of materials or action for following visit

The extent of maintenance above depends on the design, the plant selection, the depth of growing medium, the roof’s exposure and the weather. While it is hard to predict the weather, a designer can opt for a system with low maintenance features to reduce overall labor and cost.  Read more on how to design a low maintenance green roof, here.




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