“Does your city smell of poo from time to time?”

It’s no small feat to explain sewers and sewage overflow in a simple, entertaining and educational manner.  Biologist Dr Anna Zakrisson does this in this great blog and audio podcast What is a Combined SewerZakrisson sheds light on one of the worst causes of water pollution facing our aging towns and cities and explains how detention-based green roofs help reduce stormwater flow and mitigate CSOs.

Zakrisson, consulting biologist for Green Roof Diagnostsics, answers the following in her blog:

  • What Is A Combined Sewer?

  • How does a Combined Sewer Work?

  • How do big storms cause Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs)

  • Is this a real problem or is it just a bit icky and harmless?” 

Green roofs in urban areasFinally, it’s not all grim and yucky, rather Zakrisson explains

  • How green roofs help reduce stormwater flow rates

Dr. Zakrisson concludes, as CSOs are the result of too much water at once, detention is the most reliable way to “keep the poo away from your local beach”.

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