Let’s Work to Meet New Jerseys Groundbreaking Stormwater Rule 

As of March 2021, NJ State requires green infrastructure (GI) on all new major development to better protect water quality and reduce polluted runoff.  “Major development” means an individual “development” as well as multiple developments that individually or collectively:

      1. Disturb of one or more acres of land
      2. Result in one-quarter acre or more of “regulated impervious surface”
      3. Result in one-quarter acre or more of “regulated motor vehicle surface”
      4. A combination of 2 and 3 above that totals an area of one-quarter acre or more.


Vegetated roof cross-section shows the vegetation layer on top of growing media, rock mineral wool, a detention layer and root barrier.

StormCap™+Detention is green infrastructure technology that mimics watersheds and aquifers to help mitigate urban flooding. Reliable during back-to-back storms.

Green Infrastructure mimics the natural water cycle

GI includes a broad range of technologies such as rain gardens, bioretention basins, vegetated swales and green roofs such as the StormCap™ and StormCap+Detention systems. These mimic the natural hydrological cycle by capturing, filtering, absorbing and/or re-using stormwater (SW). This entire process of managing stormwater (SW) runoff occurs close to its source.

Engineered Green Roofs help meet the NJ Rule 

The NJ rule’s emphasis is on source control and encourages multiple, smaller scale GIs that better mimic nature and  manage runoff on-site.  Engineered green roofs such as the one shown on the left are an ideal source control mechanism for dense urban centers.


Vegetated roofs build storm and flood resilience

Vegetated roofs hold back water at the roof level and manage SW through retention and detention.  They receive rainwater at the source (the roof), store it, hold it back, and release a portion back into the atmosphere to complete the natural water cycle.


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With proper planning any rooftop – whether industrial, commercial or residential – can be transformed into a useful, green space. Stormwater Capture Co is a one-stop-shop for green roof systems and technical support.  We supply a range of  systems from lightweight and biodiverse, to detention green roofs.  We have custom green roofs that meet specific stormwater management and biodiversity goals. Contact us to transform your roof. Email or call (855) 786-7626 for stormwater calculations specific to your project.

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The image conveys this system is powered by the Purple-Roof concept.

As a Purple-Roof partner, Stormwater Capture Co has access to the latest green roof stormwater test data and related innovative hydrologic modeling tool. Email or call (855) 786-7626 for stormwater calculations specific to your project.

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