Traditional, Growing Medium-Based System

The Terra Ext Sedum Standard is a traditional system that is loose laid on top of an extensive blend of engineered growing medium.  The pre-grown sedum blanket consists of 10-12 succulent species and provides excellent instant green upon installation.  The sedum blanket helps reduce water evaporation, soil erosion and weed growth. Vegetated mats are locally grown outdoors until mature, including one winter season to ensure they are acclimatized to seasonal conditions.  Sourcing local products ensures best sustainability and economic practices, reduces transportation distances and costs, reduces green house gas emissions and helps qualify for additional regional LEED points.

Most components come in rolls that are easy and more economical to transport and install.

The Terra Ext has been wind tested to CAN/CSA A123.24 – the world’s first vegetated wind uplift test method.

Key Features:

  • Saturated weight is 28.69 lb/ft2
  • Water retention is approximately 2.07 inches
  • Loose laid system with low maintenance sedum blanket rolled on top of extensive growing medium
  • Growing medium is a proprietary blend that is locally and sustainably sourced
  • Instant “green” coverage with 85% vegetation coverage upon installation
  • Plants are grown on a “blanket” and harvested like sod
  • Most components come in rolls that are easy to transport, install and cut to any design
Terra Ext Sedum Standard
Terra Ext System instant green system
Wind Tested