Rodney Chaney

Rodney Chaney, Technical Sales Manager, Stormwater Capture Co

Sluiceway Interactive Exhibit

Join Rodney Chaney for the hands-on Green Roof Sluiceway on Monday February 11, 2019.  It will take place 12:30-1PM in the Exhibit Hall at the New Jersey Chapter ASLA Annual Meeting at Harrah’s Waterfront, Atlantic City. Be sure to also stop by and visit us at Booth #73.

The workshop will explain the role innovative green roof technology plays in retaining and detaining rainfall and how green roof systems attenuate stormwater and reduce the environmental footprint.

Several Ways Green Roofs Reduce Environmental Footprint

Vegetated roofing systems reduce the environmental footprint in many ways, simultaneously.

For instance:
• Water: The green roof helps detain and retain rainfall at its source and therefore control runoff.

• Energy saving: Through shading, insulation and evaporative cooling the green roof therefore helps reduce energy use.

• Climate: Green roof reduces flash floods and combined sewage overflow. It addition, it mitigates the urban heat island effect.

Stormwater is the main way pollution gets into the rivers and waterways

A good rainfall really cleans the city streets.  All the road salt, cigarette butts, animal feces, antifreeze, dust, automotive rubber and metal — all is swept up in the rain, into the storm sewers and therefore into our waterways.

The Exibitor Lab workshop will illustrate this with an interactive demonstration of the how green roof systems help retain and detain rainfall. Following this, Rodney will present a 7-10 minute technical Power Point describing the green roof system’s benefits, with a focus on its capability to attenuate and retain stormwater and mitigate urban heat island.

Sluiceway interactive exhibit will be presented at the New Jersey Chapter ASLA Annual Meeting Exhibitor Lab Monday February 11, 2019.

How Green Roofs Help

The Workshop will ask two volunteers to pour gallons of water onto two sloping platforms.  Platform One will mimic a typical roof and feature a waterproofing membrane. Trash and that would be found on city walk and road ways and end up in the sewer system. Platform two features the StormCap pre-vegetated system that collects rainfall and helps with stormwater management.  At the end of each platform a 7-10 gallon storage bin will collect the “rainfall” and trash.  The audience will witness the performance of the StormCap vegetated roofing system and learn why vegetative roofing technology plays a key role in stormwater management.

Image depicts a lightweight green roof that captures rainfall and cools the roof compared to the grey roof to the right.

Image to the left depicts green roof benefits of protecting and cooling a building and capturing stormwater at the source.

Register and Visit Us

Register here for the 2019 NJASLA Annual Meeting.  Please visit us and Rodney Chaney at Stormwater Capture Co Booth #73.

Stormwater Capture Co offers a single source solution for a complete green roof system package . We customize your system to local requirements and provide warranty and support.  We are a one-stop-shop supplying vegetated mats, high performing base layers, pavers and accessories.