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StormCap™+Detention Helps Mitigate Floods

StormCap™+Detention green roof system is engineered to optimize stormwater  management. It detention tool that mimics watersheds and aquifers to help mitigate urban flooding.

Lessens strain on sewers. 

Decreases combined sewer overflow (CSO).

Detention technology allows the green roof to face second day and extra large storms. It is not dependent on weather to provide a repeat performance and recharges in as little as a few hours.  StormCap™+Detention  stores water temporarily and limits the rate at which water flows from the roof drain.



Innovative Technology Mimics Nature

Friction in nature includes tall grasses in meadows, dense masses of reeds in wetlands, or layers of leaves on a forest floor. Friction-detention in

vegetated roofs is a technological innovation inspired by nature to achieve rooftop SWM in dense urban areas.

Contact us to help run stormwater calculations specific to your project.



Clear Return on Investment (ROI)

StormCap™+Detention provides a clear ROI by reducing or eliminating cisterns and bioretention facilities and freeing up valuable space for income-generating development. It even works on a sloped roof!

Stormwater management is unique to each project. Let us start the process and run project-specific calculations.  Contact us for more info.

Other Benefits

  • Provides better plant performance: StormCap™ retains almost double the water of traditional green roofs, and StormCap™+Detention retains about 10-20% more than that! This increases water availabilty for better plant performance.
  • Achieves sustainability goals: StormCap™+Detention is a great way for companies or buildings to show commitment to the environment.
  • Increases real estate values: Green roofs provide usable or visible amenity space that increases rents and real estate value. StormCap™+Detention further increases real estate value by freeing up land
  • Offers greater cooling benefits: All green roofs help cool the building, but StormCap™ and StormCap™+Detention improve cooling by providing more water for evaporative heat loss.
  • Extends roof lifespan: Green roofs buffer the roofing membrane from thermal flux. StormCap™ and StormCap™+Detention do an even better job of this for the same reason that cooling benefits are greater.

Superior Components, Powered by Urbanscape™

The engineered base layers include Urbanscape™’s needled mineral hydro blanket, made solely of virgin rock fibre by Knauf Insulation. This mineral wool has no binders and therefore has superior retention of 90% of water by volume and withstands freeze/thaw cycles.

Most of StormCap™+Detention’s base layers come in rolls that are easy to transport and install. It is a fully customizable system with biodiversity options.  And, can be cut in any shape or size to create logos or icons on the roof!


Construction Canada cover features image of green roof in urban core

  1. Read Technical Article

“Creating Friction in Green Roofs: Reinventing the Traditional Green Roof” 

by Sasha Aguilera and Brad Garner, Construction Canada, October 2019.

Contact us to help run stormwater calculations specific to your project.


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