Transform your roof into a Stormwater Management Tool! Visit us at booth #44

Find your stormwater solution at the Green Roof Sluiceway. Visit us at booth #44 at the New Jersey Chapter ALSA Annual Meeting 2020 on Feb. 9-11 at Harrah’s in Atlantic City.

Sluiceway interactive exhibit will be presented at the New Jersey Chapter ASLA Annual Meeting.

Furthermore, on Monday Feb. 10 at 1 PM see the Stormwater Sluiceway: An Interactive Green Roof Demo.

Over the three days, Rodney Chaney, Technical Sales Manager, will be at the NJASLA to answer your questions. For instance, he will measure water retention and detention, as well as heat transfer, and compare to a traditional black roof. It is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with innovative green roof technology.

Touch, feel and witness how a green roof plays a vital role in retaining and detaining rainfall, attenuating stormwater, mitigating the urban heat island effect and reducing the environmental footprint.

Many Benefits of Green Roofs

For example, vegetated roofing systems reduce the environmental footprints the following ways:

Water The green roof helps detain and retain rainfall at its source and control runoff.

Energy saving Through shading, insulation and evaporative cooling the green roof helps reduce energy use.

Climate Green roof reduces flash floods and combined sewage overflow. It addition, it mitigates the urban heat island effect.

Ask us about the latest Innovation in Green Roofs: Detention Technology

Powered by the Purple-Roof Concept, StormCapTM +Detention is a green roof that works to manage stormwater even when it is wet.

It reduces the severity of flash floods by delaying roof runoff during the largest rain events, and it even works when it is totally wet! Rain is temporarily accumulated on the roof which reduces the need for underground cisterns, thus freeing-up valuable underground space that can instead be used for profitable purposes like retail or parking space. SC+D offers property owners a clear return on investment.

Close up view of city sewer during rainstorm.

Green infrastructure can mitigate stormwater pollution.

Stormwater is the main way pollution gets into the rivers and waterways

A good rainfall cleans the city streets. As a result, all the road salt, cigarette butts, animal feces, antifreeze and other garbage is swept up in the rain and into the storm sewers and our waterways.

Meanwhile, the Sluiceway illustrates how green roof system helps retain and detain rainfall onsite and subsequently mitigate stormwater pollution.

How Green Roofs Help

Volunteers can pour gallons of water onto two sloping platforms.  Platform One will mimic a typical roof and feature a waterproofing membrane and trash that would be found on road ways and end up in the sewers. Platform Two features the StormCapTM pre-vegetated system that collects rainfall and helps with stormwater management.  At the end of each platform a storage bin will collect the “rainfall” and trash.  The audience will witness the performance of the StormCapTM vegetated roofing system and learn why vegetative roofing technology plays a key role in stormwater management.

Image to the left depicts green roof benefits of protecting and cooling a building and capturing stormwater at the source.

Urbanscape’s Needled Mineral Blanket – Ideal for Vegetated Roofs

  • Supplements or, in some cases, replaces heavy growing media.
  • Water reservoir helps support plant health.
  • Provides more credits under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program (The material contributes to eight additional points under LEED v4. These include credits in the Sustainable Sites [Protect or Restore Habitat, Open Space, Rainwater Management, and Heat Island Reduction], Energy and Atmosphere [Optimize Energy Performance], Materials and Resources [Environmental Product Declarations], and Indoor Environmental Quality [Thermal Comfort and Acoustic Performance] categories.); and
  • Performs exceptionally and reliably as a rooftop stormwater management tool throughout the lifespan of the vegetated roof. For example, Sweden’s Karolinska University Hospital, Rentenversicherung headquarters in Berlin, and various projects throughout Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

Needled Mineral Hydro Blanket comes in a roll and has a density of 286 to 319 lb/35 cf.

hydro cubesLikewise, it is available as Hydro Cubes (0.8 x 0.8 in) and Hydro Flocks (0.1 to 0.8 in.) and is recommended for containers, patios, terraces and ground level landscaping applications.


Similarly, cubes and flocks are added to a traditional growing medium and contribute to better soil structure, water-holding capacity, and aeration. Subsequently, the retained rainwater inside the Hydro Cubes or Hydro Flocks is available for plant uptake and improves plant survivability.

Visit Us at Booth #44

Please visit us and Rodney Chaney at Stormwater Capture Co Booth #44.

Rodney Chaney

Rodney Chaney, Technical Sales Manager, Stormwater Capture Co

Stormwater Capture Co offers a single source solution for a complete green roof system package . We customize your system to local requirements and provide warranty and support.  We are a one-stop-shop supplying vegetated mats, high performing base layers, pavers and accessories.

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