Green roof ‘hail-proof’ while exposed  roofing membrane required replacement

One year ago, the most damaging hailstorm in Colorado history wreaked havoc on cars and roofs and caused $2.3 billion dollars in insurance costs, according to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

Dynia Architects designed the 140.,000 square foot FLIGHT building

Denver developer Kyle Zeppelin had hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages to his membrane roofs at his latest office development in The Flight, in the River North District.

“All of the membrane roofing was required to be replaced as a part of the hailstorm,” he said.

While his regular roof had to be thrown out, Zeppelin said he found his luscious green roof – on the same building – was hail-proof.

“The green roof here was left completely intact after the most-recent hailstorm,” he said.

It’s an unseen upside, Zeppelin said, that more than outweighs the upfront costs.

“This is not likely to be the last hailstorm, so there’s that advantage and the green roof provides a significant installation value over just the membrane,” Zeppelin explained. “It’s a win-win as far as [it] makes sense economically, makes sense for the environment, and really enhances the livability of the building,” he said.

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