16 Jul 2018
Living Roof - Camden

Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters, New Brunswick, NJ

Stormwater Capture Co is featured in WATERPROOF! a quarterly magazine that is a great information resource for all types of waterproofers, including residential and commercial waterproofers, foundation contractors, and thousands of large roofing contractors.  The magazine reaches 10,000s interested readers throughout the U.S. every quarter.  Download the article: Waterproofing-Green-Roofs, Waterproof Mag, Summer 2018


About Stormwater Capture Co

Our team prides itself in being a hassle-free, one-stop-shop supplying vegetated systems that can be customized to local requirements, with warranty and maintenance support. We also offer ​access to a variety of analytical support service​s such as ​stormwater calculations specific to location ​and building/roof type.

We specialize in supplying green roof systems with​ high water retention-to weight ratio such as the StormCap system. Our premium base layers ​include​ the ​Needled ​M​ineral ​H​ydro ​B​lanket and can be easily cut to fit any shape and design.​ Contact us 855-786-7626 or send drawings to info@stormwatercaptureco.com get an estimate for your project.


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