Biodiverse green roof with shrubs and perennials planted into extensive sedum blankets.

world green roof day logoAncient Roots, Modern Innovations

Ancient roots, along with modern industry research and innovation, have inspired people across the globe to transform unused roofs into functional spaces. As a result, green roofs, or gardens in the sky, now dot urban skylines in every corner of the world from Iceland to Australia and from Africa to America.

Rooftop garden with native grasses

Celebrating Thousands of Green Roofs

Millenia has passed since the marvelous Hanging Gardens of Babylon once existed.  Today, on World Green Roof Day, we celebrate the many thousands of green roofs covering our planet.


More than Aesthetically Pleasing

From simple sod roofs to high performing, lightweight detention systems, beautiful, living green roofs are bringing nature back to our urban core. They are pleasing, healing and helping build resilient cities.


Stormwater Management to Habitat Restoration

For instance, the main benefits of green roofs are stormwater management and protection from the elements, such as flash floods and extreme heat. Also, green roofs offer habitat restoration, food security and urban agriculture.

Aerial View of residential home with green roof and solar panels.

Photovoltaics and Green Roofs

Furthermore, modern lightweight green roofs may be combined with solar panels to transform almost any rooftop into an ideal tool for urban sustainability and climate change adaptation.

Start Your Design

Any rooftop – whether industrial, commercial or residential – can be transformed into a useful, green space.


Stormwater Capture Co is a one-stop-shop for green roof systems and technical support.  We supply a range of  systems from lightweight and biodiverse, to detention green roofs.  We have custom green roofs that meet specific stormwater management and biodiversity goals. Contact us to start your green roof transformation.

Urbanscape Detention logo by Knauf Insulation


Purple-Roof Consortium MemberThe image conveys this system is powered by the Purple-Roof concept.

As a Purple-Roof partner, Stormwater Capture Co has access to the latest green roof stormwater test data and related innovative hydrologic modeling tool.  Email or call (855) 786-7626 for stormwater calculations specific to your project.